Submission to UN on Hu Jia – March 7, 2006

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Communication on a Victim of an Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance

1. Identity of the disappeared person:

(a) Family name (*): Hu
(b) First name (*): Jia
(c) Sex: Male
(d) Birth date: July 25, 1973

2. Date on which the disappearance occurred (at least as to the month and year) (*):

Date of disappearance: Around 9:30am. February 16, 2006

3. Place of arrest or abduction, or where the disappeared person was last seen (*):

Location (if possible street, city, province or other relevant indications): Home, address of usual residence

4. Forces (State or State-supported) believed to be responsible for the disappearance (*):

Tongzhou District Police Substation, Beijing.

(a) If the perpetrators are believed to be State agents, please specify (military, police, persons in uniform or civilian clothes, agents of security services, unit to which they belong, rank and functions, etc.) and indicate why they are believed to be responsible; be as precise as possible:

A plainclothesman’s name: Mr. Yang Chuntao.

From February 11 to 16, Hu Jia was under close house arrest. He could not go out without Plainclothesman’s superior permission. If allowed go out, he must be under close surveillance.

On the morning of February 16, plainclothesman Mr. Yang Chuntao and other plainclothes men were on duty. They sat downstairs my apartment. I left home at about 9:00 a.m., and that day, Yang Chuntao told me they were waiting for their superior to respond and then decided whether let Hu Jia went out for a meeting.

When I called Hu Jia at 9:46 a.m., no one answered. I called my neighbor immediately, and he told me there was nobody under my apartment anymore. I called Yang Chuntao, and he said they had sent Hu Jia to that meeting and were watching on him. And I called the convocator, she said Hu Jia was absent.

Yang Chuntao lied that the distance from my home to the meeting place is too far, and it was rush hour. They couldn’t have arrived at the meeting place in one-and-a-half hours.

5. Action taken by the relatives or others to locate the person (inquiries with police, jail, human rights commission, habeas corpus petition etc.) (*):

(a) Indicate if complaints have been filed, when, by whom, and before which organ.
On February 21, I reported citizen disappearance to Zhong Cang Station House, Tongzhou District, Beijing.

From February 21, I updated on my blog my family’s situation and efforts on searching for Hu Jia since his disappearance. The blog address is: I sent emails to staff of UNAIDS, American Embassy, Amnesty International-Hong Kong, some civil society organizations in Beijing, and lots of AIDS organizations and environment protection organizations, as well as participants of International Human Rights Training Programs.

I went to the Zhongcang Station House and Tongzhou District Police Substation again. And filed a complaint form in the Office of Letters and Calls in the Tongzhou District Police Station on March 2.

(b) Other steps taken:

Hu Jia’s mother called the Beijing Public Security Bureau on February 22. Hu Jia’s mother and I went to the Tongzhou District Police Substation on February 27. Amnesty International and Global Response sent public letters, as did some other organizations. UNAIDS China also expressed their concern to the Chinese Government.

6. Identity of the person or organization submitting the report (*):

(a) Family name: Zeng
(b) First name: Jin-Yan.
(c) Relationship with the disappeared person: Wife.
(f) Please state whether you would like your identity to be kept confidential: No need to be kept confidential.

Additional Information on the case:

Please indicate any other relevant information that has not been answered in the previous questions. If one of the mandatory elements noted (*) in this report could not be answered, please indicate why.

Hu Jia is a vegetarian, and also has hepatitis B. Hu Jia has a known medical condition which requires that he take medicine daily. He disappeared without taking along any medicine, vitamins, etc. Since I had updated news on Hu Jia and sent emails to mass of people, I couldn’t enter my email account frequently. Also the Internet couldn’t work frequently in my home.

Date: March 7, 2006

Signature of author: Zeng Jin-Yan


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