Villager Detained during Forced Eviction to Make Way for Olympics Venues

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Villager Detained during Forced Eviction to Make Way for Olympics Venues

Authorities must cease housing rights violations related to the Games

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders, April 17, 2008) – Wang Lianmin (王连民), resident of Yangshan Village which lies at the heart of the Olympics Village, was taken into custody by police today. Wang and his family were forcibly evicted and their home was demolished this morning to make way for the Olympics main venues at the Olympics Village.

According to Hubei-based Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch, at 9 a.m. this morning, local authorities dispatched about two hundred policemen, security guards and court officials to demolish Wang’s home. The Wang family claimed no prior knowledge of today’s demolition, which was authorized by a court order issued by the Beijing Chaoyang District Court.

Wang’s father and wife, who were home when the demolition crew arrived, were pushed out of their home and guarded by four to five officials. Wang, who was out at the time, hurried home, and photographed and filmed the demolition. Wang was roughly handled and pushed to the ground. His camera was taken away by court police. The police handcuffed Wang, took him away and said he would be detained between five and fifteen days.

CHRD condemns the forcible eviction of the Wang family from their home and the violation of their right to adequate housing guaranteed in Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which China has signed and ratified.

CHRD is concerned that Wang has been detained for peacefully documenting the process of eviction. CHRD urges the authorities to respect Wang’s right to legal counsel during his incarceration.

CHRD is also concerned that many other Beijing residents have been forcibly evicted from their homes in the preparation of the Olympics. CHRD calls on the authorities to end such forcible eviction and provide adequate compensation to affected individuals.


The Wang family are residents of Yangshan Village, Wali Township, Chaoyang District where many of the Games’ main venues such as the “Bird’s Nest” have been constructed. The Wang family and others have become known as “nail households” who have refused to abandon their homes citing insufficient compensation and unfair settlement by the government.

Since 2006, Wang has been seeking proper compensation through legal means to no avail.

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