Activist Suffers Retaliation for Applying to Protest during the Olympics

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(Chinese Human Rights Defenders, September 26, 2008) – CHRD learned today that Ji Sizun (纪斯尊), an activist who “disappeared” on August 11 after he applied to protest at the “Protest Zones” in Beijing, has been criminally detained.

On September 25, six policemen from Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Fujian Province went to the home of Ms. Lin, Ji’s friend and a veteran petitioner from Fujian Province. Police told Lin that Ji has been criminally detained. They presented Lin with a search warrant, searched her home for four hours and confiscated all the materials Ji deposited at her home. For years, Ji provided legal aid to petitioners and encountered difficulties due to interference of local authorities in Fujian. Before he went to Beijing, Ji had left three bags, which contain documents he accumulated in his legal aid work, for safekeeping at Lin’s.


On August 9, Ji, 59, from Yananbei Road, Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province applied for a permit to protest against social and political problems at the official “Protest Zones” at Beijing PSB. Ji, accompanied by a dozen domestic and foreign journalists, was told by the police that since it was Saturday and outside of their office hours, Ji‘s application could not be approved. On August 11, Ji returned to the same office at Beijing PSB to hand in his application again, but he has since “disappeared”.

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