Huang Qi Reportedly Ill in Detention, Denied Access to Medical Attention

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Huang Qi Reportedly Ill in Detention, Denied Access to Medical Attention

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders, July 28, 2009) –CHRD confirmed today that Huang Qi (黄琦), detained human rights activist and director of Tianwang Human Rights Center (, is ill in detention and being denied access to medical attention. Huang’s application for release on bail has received no response from the authorities. Huang has been detained without a trial for over 13 months, since June 10, 2008.

At a meeting between Huang and his lawyer, Mo Shaoping (莫少平), on May 26, Huang stated that four lumps had developed on his left chest and abdomen since March. Huang also said his heart had been beating irregularly, that he had suffered from headaches and insomnia and that he had only been sleeping four hours every night. Huang has not received any medical treatment in response to these complaints. Immediately after the meeting, his lawyer, Mr. Mo, submitted an application to release Huang on bail while awaiting trial. However, two months after the application was filed, authorities have yet to respond. Furthermore, officials have not permitted Huang’s family to visit the activist since his detention began.

Huang, who has been charged with “illegal possession of state secrets”, is believed to have been detained for reporting and giving interviews to foreign journalists about protests staged by families of schoolchildren killed in the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008. The victims’ parents alleged that the buildings, which collapsed, killing their children, were shoddily built and that officials involved should be held accountable.

“We are seriously concerned about Huang’s deteriorating health and the fact that he is not being allowed to seek treatment by the authorities. The last time anyone was allowed to see him was more than two months ago, and we do not know if his health has gotten worse,” said Wang Songlian, CHRD’s Research Coordinator.

CHRD calls for Huang’s immediate and unconditional release. CHRD believes that Huang has been arrested solely for the peaceful activities of expressing his opinion and of defending human rights. Authorities have also violated Huang’s right to a fair trial as he has not been brought before a judge promptly and he has been denied visits by family.

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Media Contacts for this Release:

Renee Xia, International Director (English and Mandarin): +852 8191 6937

Wang Songlian, Research Coordinator and English Editor (English, Mandarin and Cantonese): +852 8191 1660

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