Pei Fugui (裴富贵)

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Pei Fugui (裴富贵)

Pei Fugui • 裴富贵



Recent Detention

Crime: Creating a disturbance                                                                                                         

Length of Punishment: 15 months

Issuing Body: Beijing Municipality Re-education through Labor Management Committee

Decision Date: September 28, 2012

Place of Incarceration: Beijing Municipality Re-education through Labor Camp

Dates of Detention/Arrest:August 30, 2012 (administrative detention); July 8, 2013 (released)


Activist Pei Fugui (裴富贵), who founded “Petitioners’ House” in Beijing to provide services to petitioners, was given a 15-month Re-education through Labor (RTL) punishment in September 2012,on a charge of “creating a disturbance.” His alleged “crimes” include refusing to buy tickets when taking the public bus, renting out living quarters to petitioners at low rates, and writing anti-corruption slogans on the walls of his home. The punishment is in apparent retaliation for his long-term charitable efforts and anti-corruption work.

Born in 1956, Pei started to help other petitioners while pursuing justice himself over a forced land expropriation. “Petitioners’ House” has served as a temporary shelter for countless petitioners who stay in Beijing for extended periods as they seek redress to their grievances.

Further Information

 “Corruption Drove Pei Fugui from Beijing Lü Village Cry” (腐败让北京吕村裴富贵痛哭), July 17, 2012, WOLFAX

“Party Secretary Forced to Clamp Down ‘Corrupt Official Reporting Office’, Pei Fugui Refused ” (书记逼摘下“举报贪官办公室” 裴富贵抗拒), January 29, 2011, ABOLUOWANG

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