Police Robot Could Soon Patrol Banks and Schools in China

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Originally published by Latin American Herald Tribune on May 5, 2016

BEIJING – Researchers at a Chinese university, affiliated to the army, have designed a police robot capable of holding or attacking suspects and which they hope will be used as a security officer in schools, airports and banks.

The robot, which is called AnBot (which means security in Mandarin) has been developed by the National University of Defense Technology in the central Chinese city of Changsha, and was unveiled at a recent tech exhibition in Chongqing, another city in central China, South China Morning Post reported Thursday.

With a non-threatening appearance that resembles a wastepaper basket, AnBot is, nonetheless, capable of finding explosives, arms and drugs, restraining detainees with a metal clamp or even stopping them with the help of electric current.

The robot police will shortly start patrolling sensitive public places, the military researchers told the daily, which also cited sources from the ministry of public security who expressed interest in AnBot, which could cost around $15,000.

The robot, which can move at speeds of up to 18 kph (11 mph), will patrol for eight hours and is equipped with facial recognition cameras.

Meanwhile, experts said if the robot cop starts patrolling the streets, they must be strictly monitored by humans, while Human rights organization  China Human Rights Defenders warned of their likely abuse by China’s authoritarian regime that restricts many freedoms.

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