Chinese dissident who defaced Xi poster says she’s on ‘verge of collapse’

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Originally published by Breitbart on December 2, 2020

Dec. 2 (UPI) — A Chinese woman who said she was forcibly hospitalized twice after defacing a poster of Chinese leader Xi Jinping in 2018 said she is the target of state surveillance and on the brink of a breakdown.

Dong Yaoqiong published the video message Monday, which later was deleted, Taiwan News and Hong Kong Free Press reported Wednesday.

“They don’t threaten or terrorize [me] but they are essentially stripping me of all human contact, including with my father,” Dong had said, according to the South China Morning Post.

“I don’t want to live like this any more. It’s either do or die — I can no longer carry on under such stressful surveillance and I’m on the verge of collapse.”

Dong threw black ink on a poster of Xi in July 2018 and earned the nickname “Ink Girl” in China. Dong became unreachable after “uniformed men” turned up at her door, according to one of her tweets published at the time, reports say.

The activist, who was sent to a psychiatric hospital, was released Jan. 2, according to Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD), a coalition of Chinese and international human rights NGOs. CHRD reposted Dong’s most recent video after it was deleted from Twitter on Tuesday.

In her latest video, Dong said she was released from the hospital for the second time this year and was involuntarily working in a local government department. Dong said she is being watched and unable to reach her father.

Dong Jianbiao, who has been blocked by Chinese authorities from contacting her daughter, had escaped a mining accident on Sunday in Hunan Province, according to the Post. His daughter has said she learned of the accident through another activist, Ou Biaofeng.

“I have now decided to speak up on Twitter because I no longer fear them, even if they lock me up again in hospital … even if that means being locked up forever,” Dong said.

Dong has been allowed to contact her father after her video post, according to the Post. The activist has not confirmed the report on social media by Wednesday, however.

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