China Human Rights Briefings October 17-23, 2009

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China Human Rights Briefing

Reporting Human Rights Developments from the Grassroots

October 17-23, 2009

Week in Review

  • Duan Chunfang, a Shanghai petitioner-turned-activist who has been detained since July, was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for “obstructing official business” by a Shanghai court on October 23. Court officials barred nearly 300 Shanghai residents from attending the trial, and refused to review critical evidence before convicting Duan.
  • Guo Lianhui, lawyer for imprisoned dissident Guo Quan, was forced to withdraw from his client’s pending appeals case by local officials. Following Guo Quan’s conviction for “subversion of state power” last week, police visited Guo Lianhui’s office on a number of occasions and threatened to arrest him if he did not remove himself from the case.
  • Jia Jia, a former professor from Shanxi Province, and Li Jianhong, a Shanghai writer, have both been denied entry into China in the past week. Jia, a UN refugee who has been living recently in New Zealand, was detained at the Beijing airport, while Li, who was visiting Sweden, was stopped from returning at the Shenzhen border and is currently staying in Hong Kong.

Freedom of Expression

Court to Hear Appeal by Zhang Qi, Sentenced to 4 Years for “Inciting Subversion of State Power”

CHRD learned today that the Chongqing Upper Court is scheduled to hear the appeal of Zhang Qi (张起), a member of the Pan-Blue Alliance of Chinese Nationalists currently serving a 4-year prison sentence for “inciting subversion of state power”, on October 26. In its ruling on July 7, the Chongqing Number One Intermediate Court stated that Zhang had published articles online which attacked the Party and government, a charge Zhang and his lawyers vehemently deny. Zhang reported in a letter to his parents from prison that police had offered to release him if he would admit to attacking the Party and state, but he refused, as he believes that his articles contain his personal opinions and, while critical, never “attack” any government institutions or officials. Zhang is yet another victim of the Chinese government’s use of “inciting subversion of state power” to criminalize speech. (CHRD)[i]

Detained Activist Liu Xiaobo Meets with Lawyers for Fourth Time

On October 16, detained Beijing writer and intellectual Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) met with his lawyers Shang Baojun (尚宝军) and Ding Xikui (丁锡奎) for approximately 40 minutes in Beijing’s Number One Detention Center. This was the fourth time Liu has been able to meet with his lawyers since his detention began in December 2008. Police officers were present in the room for the duration of the meeting. According to Shang Baojun, Liu reiterated his belief that he is innocent, and that he is being persecuted for expressing his ideas. He appeared in good health and spirits, but he told the lawyers that he was having difficulty receiving money from his family to pay his expenses: while detained, Liu must foot the bill for his room and board, and he has been forced to borrow from fellow detainees on a number of occasions to satisfy the demands of the detention center officials. Liu Xiaobo’s case is scheduled to remain in the “investigation period” at least through November 23, at which point it can be extended by a maximum of two more months, according to the Criminal Procedure Law. For more information on Liu Xiaobo’s extended detention, please click here. (CHRD)[ii]

Torture and Other Cruel, Unusual, or Inhumane Treatment

Shanghai Petitioner Recounts Abuse in Detention Center

On October 20, Shanghai petitioner Huang Lei (黄磊) was released following twenty days of detention. Huang was seized in Beijing on September 30 and forcibly returned to Shanghai by police officers from the Yongtai police station under the Pudong District PSB, where she was detained in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Detention Center. In an interview with CHRD, Huang described being sprayed with teargas and beaten by police. For defending herself against these attacks, Huang’s 10-day administrative detention for “disrupting public order” was extended an additional ten days, and she was handcuffed to a steel bar for a total of five days and four nights during this time. Huang has been petitioning since her home was forcibly demolished in 2005 as part of preparations for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. (CHRD)[iii]

Courts Reject Lawsuit Filed by Petitioner Left Handicapped from Beating by Officials

Sun Ke (孙克) is a Liaoning man who has been petitioning since he was forced to take a buy-out by management at the state-owned Anshan Iron and Steel Company where he worked. On January 29, 2008, while petitioning in Beijing, he was attacked by a group of interceptors from the Beijing Liaison Office of the Anshan City, Liaoning Province government, and left disabled. Seeking justice, Sun has travelled to the police station near where the attack occurred in Beijing, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and the Liaoning Provincial Political-Legal Committee offices, but in every case, officials have refused to handle his complaints. At home, the Lishan District People’s Court told him on September 17, 2009, that it would not accept his case. Sun’s difficulties underline the lack of access to legal recourse by victims of officially-sanctioned violence. (CHRD)[iv]

Artist Ai Weiwei, Injured in Police Beating, Returns to China Following Recovery from Brain Surgery

On October 18, artist and blogger Ai Weiwei (艾未未) returned to his home in Beijing from Munich, Germany, where he had been convalescing following emergency surgery to treat a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a police beating. In the predawn hours of August 12, 2009, shortly before Ai planned to act as a witness during the trial of earthquake investigator Tan Zuoren (谭作人), local police forced their way into the Chengdu hotel room in which Ai was staying. Officers struck Ai in the process, and remained in the room until the trial had concluded, preventing him from leaving. Following the attack by police, Ai complained of constant head pain, and while doctors in Chengdu told him everything was fine, Ai’s condition deteriorated while in Munich preparing for a gallery opening. On September 14, he was admitted to a local hospital for an examination, at which point doctors discovered the hemorrhage and ordered emergency surgery. “Lao Ma Ti Hua” (老妈蹄花), a documentary about Ai’s experience in Chengdu which includes footage of the attack by police, can be viewed online here. (CHRD)[v]

Shanghai Petitioner Tells Story of Torture, Arbitrary Detention

On October 4, 47-year-old Shanghai petitioner Zhou Jingzhi (周静智) was seized in Beijing by officials from the Beijing Liaison Office of the Shanghai government and forcibly returned to Shanghai. Once there, she was detained in an interrogation room in the Wanli Police Station under the Putuo District PSB, where officers beat, kicked, and choked her, and left her bound hand and foot to a chair for more than 10 hours. After she was released, Zhou returned to Beijing to petition, at which point she was forcibly returned to Shanghai again, and administratively detained from October 8 to the 18th. Zhou has been petitioning on behalf of her mother, who believes Shanghai police and courthouse officials colluded to deny her justice after she was left paralyzed following a serious injury. (CHRD)[vi]

Arbitrary Detention

Liaoning Dissident Sent to 21 Months of RTL for Posts about June 4th

CHRD learned today that Shenyang City, Liaoning Province democracy activist Sun Fuquan (孙福全) has been sent to Re-education through Labor (RTL) for posting information online pertaining to the bloody suppression of the student movement on June 4, 1989. Sun, a journalist in Shenyang, was originally detained on July 24, 2008 by Shenyang police. Later released on bail to await trial, Sun was then detained once again on January 17, 2009, and on February 13, the Shenyang City RTL committee sent him to 21 months of RTL for “inciting subversion of state power” and “splittist speech”. Sun told CHRD that conditions in the Shenxin RTL Camp, where he is detained, are poor, and that he is not being given sufficient food. (CHRD)[vii]

Shandong Petitioner Sent to One and a Half Years of RTL

CHRD learned today that Rizhao City, Shandong Province petitioner Lu Jinxiang (卢金香) has been sent to eighteen months of RTL. Lu, who was detained in September along with her son Liu Hanfeng (刘汉锋) for “unreasonable petitioning”, is currently detained at Wang Village Women’s RTL Camp in Zibo City, Shandong. Lu and Liu have been petitioning since Liu’s legs were amputated without consulting with his family following a 2000 car accident. Lu has been arbitrarily detained on a number of occasions, and this is the second occasion on which she has been sent to RTL. (CHRD)[viii]

Handicapped Heilongjiang Petitioner Sues Police for Abusing Administrative Detention System

On September 17, interceptors from Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province seized veteran petitioner Lu Wei (陆伟) while he was petitioning at the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing. Police then forcibly returned Lu, who is handicapped, to Yilan County, where he was administratively detained for 15 days. In an appeal dated October 20, Lu has filed for administrative review on two counts: first, the act of peaceful petitioning is completely legal and does not violate the administrative code police claimed that Lu had violated, and second, the maximum detention allowed under the administrative charge given to Lu was 10 days. Lu’s complaints highlight the ease with which police are able to abuse the administrative detention system, which requires no judicial oversight, to arbitrarily detain petitioners and other individuals for extended periods of time. (CHRD)[ix]

Hebei Village Leader Criminally Detained for Petitioning

CHRD learned today that police in Beijing have criminally detained Li Sheng (李胜), a democratically-elected village leader from Ge Village, Wuan City, Hebei Province. On September 5, Li was seized and administratively detained while petitioning about local corruption at the Bureau of Letters and Visits in Beijing; on September 15, he was criminally detained. Li has been petitioning since 2000 to expose embezzlement and election irregularities in Ge Village, and has previously been attacked and detained by officials for his work. (CHRD)[x]

Husband and Son Held for Speaking up for Shandong Petitioner Who Died in Detention

Police continue to detain Ning Fuliang (宁福良) and Ning Hailu (宁海路), the husband and son of petitioner Li Shulian (李淑莲), who was found dead while in detention. The claim by police that her death was a suicide has outraged netizens (for more information on her case please see here). On October 15, Ning Fuliang and Ning Hailu were able to briefly escape from the Longkou City, Shandong Province hotel where they have been held since October 4, but were recaptured and returned to detention the same day. An autopsy was performed on Li’s corpse on October 5, and the results are expected within the next few days. Meanwhile, information about her death continues to be censored online, as blogs and websites reporting on the case have been blocked. (CHRD)[xi]

Workers’ Representative Detained Close to Two Months in Beijing

Sun Lijing (孙礼静), a 63 year-old workers’ representative from a factory in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, has been detained for 56 days for petitioning on behalf of her fellow workers in Beijing. Ms. Sun, who is blind, was seized by unidentified individuals in the capital on August 24, and to this date her family has not received any formal notice regarding her detention. A family friend was able to determine that Sun is being held at the Chongwen District PSB Detention Center under the order of the Law and Order Corps of the Beijing PSB; however, officials at the detention center were unable to say why she was being held. (CHRD)[xii]

Heilongjiang Petitioners Held for Close to One Month Because of National Day

CHRD continues to learn of petitioners who were detained because of the celebrations surrounding the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1. On October 19, we received a report from Heilongjiang petitioner Sun Wenyuan (孙文远), who is disabled, stating that he and his mother were recently released from a black jail in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, where they had been held since being seized in Beijing on September 17 (Sun’s mother was released on October 13, and Sun was released two days later). Sun’s mother was forced to pay a 500 RMB bribe to black jail guards to secure Sun’s freedom. Sun reported that they were physically and psychologically abused while detained. (CHRD)[xiii]

Freedom of Movement

Shanghai Writer Li Jianhong Again Prevented from Returning Home

On the morning of October 17, Shenzhen border guards prevented Shanghai writer and member of the Independent Chinese PEN Xiao Qiao (given name: Li Jianhong (李剑虹) from entering China for the second time in a week. Xiao Qiao reported being held at the Shenzhen border for approximately six hours while her luggage was searched, and then sent back to Hong Kong. Hong Kong officials suggested she return to Sweden, where she has lived for the past year; Xiao Qiao rejected this plan and is currently staying in Hong Kong. This is the second time Xiao Qiao has been stopped at the Shenzhen border since she arrived in Hong Kong on October 15. (CHRD)[xiv]

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Demonstration

Eight Sentenced for Roles in June Protests over Suspicious Death of Tu Yuangao

In mid-June, tens of thousands gathered in Shishou City, Hubei Province following the suspicious death of Tu Yuangao (涂远高), a 24-year old chef at the Yonglong Hotel (for CHRD’s original brief on the story, see this edition of CHRB). On Saturday, a Shishou court sentenced eight to prison for “disrupting public order” for their roles in the event, including Tu’s brother Tu Yuanhua (涂远华) and cousin Tu Xiaoyu (涂晓玉). As a “principal in the unrest”, Tu Xiaoyu received five years in prison, the harshest sentence handed down to any of the defendants. It was previously reported that local officials had promised to absolve family members of any responsibility for the disturbances if they agreed to let authorities take Tu’s body from the scene. (Xinhua)[xv]

Persecution of Activists

Court Bars Public from Attending Trial, Refuses to View Evidence before Convicting Shanghai Activist

Duan's mother, outside the courthouse in Shanghai

Duan's mother, outside the courthouse in Shanghai

Following a four-and-a-half-hour trial this morning, Shanghai petitioner-turned-activist Duan Chunfang (段春芳) was convicted of “obstructing official business” by Pujiang People’s Court in Shanghai and sentenced a year and a half in prison. The trial was attended by Duan’s husband, mother, and brother, but more than 300 supporters of Duan’s were barred from entering the courthouse by a large contingent of police. Fellow activists and petitioners also reported being placed under surveillance, house arrest, or called in for “talks” the day before the trial to prevent them from attending. Police allege that Duan attacked an officer following her detention for persistent petitioning in Minhang District, Shanghai, on July 3; according to Duan’s husband, the presiding judge refused to review a video recording of the alleged attack on the grounds that police testimony was “enough” to convict Duan. Duan plans to appeal the conviction. (CHRD)[xvi]

Authorities Obstruct Justice, Force Lawyer Guo Lianhui to Withdraw from Guo Quan’s Appeals Case

Guo Quan

Guo Quan

Earlier this week, CHRD reported on the harassment and threats faced by Jiangxi lawyer Guo Lianhui (郭莲辉), for defending democracy activist and former professor Guo Quan (郭泉) in his trial for “subversion of state power”. On the afternoon of October 22, following a meeting between the lawyer and his client, Guo Lianhui informed Guo Quan’s mother, Gu Xiao (顾潇), that he had been forced to withdraw from Guo’s case because of pressure from the authorities. Guo Lianhui is one of three lawyers, including Li Heping (李和平), from Beijing, and Si Weijiang (斯伟江), from Shanghai, representing Guo Quan, and all have been harassed, interrogated, or otherwise pressured by various officials over the course of the proceedings. (CHRD)[xvii]

Guo was visited in his office by Ganzhou City police on October 14 who claimed to have “orders from Beijing” to detain him because he met with a human rights official at the American embassy, disseminated information about Guo Quan’s case online, and conducted interviews with foreign reporters. Police have since repeatedly returned to his office to threaten him, most recently on October 19. (CHRD)[xviii]

China University of Mining and Technology Professor Stripped of Teaching Position for Reporting on Local Corruption

In a case which demonstrates yet again the lengths to which local officials will go to undermine efforts to root out corruption, and the central government’s inability to enforce their own anti-corruption policies, Wang Peirong (王培荣), a professor at China University of Mining and Technology (Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province), was stripped of his teaching position on September 25 by school officials for his anti-corruption reporting. Professor Wang, who was elected head of a residents’ committee in his neighborhood, and as such was put in a position to witness firsthand illegal activities taking place among government officials, has been reporting on local corruption since 2003. For example, Wang wrote a report in 2006 detailing how the head of the Fenghuayuan Neighborhood Committee misappropriated hundreds of thousands of RMB in public funds and seized neighborhood property for personal use. Following guidelines set by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Professor Wang submitted his reports, using his real name, to Xuzhou City government officials. However, despite repeated attempts, Wang never received a response. He then turned to the internet, where he began posting reports on his personal website. To date, his blog has been viewed over 450,000 times, and local and domestic media have written close to 200 articles praising his work since 2003. Despite this overwhelming popular support, however, university officials bowed to pressure from local government officials and, on September 25, transferred Wang to a job in the university’s laboratory, further threatening him that if he didn’t “repent and reform” he would lose that job as well. Wang strongly protested this decision, stating that, in providing truthful reporting on illegal activities, he had violated no laws, and had in fact been following the directives of the central government, who continue to call for such reports on local corruption. (CHRD)[xix]

Recently Released Petitioner-Activist Zhu Jindi Recounts Police Threats

From September 9 until October 9, Shanghai petitioner-turned-activist Zhu Jindi (朱金娣) was criminally detained by local police for “assembling others to create a disturbance” to prevent her from petitioning during the National Day period. After she was released, Zhu reported that, while she was detained, police threatened to send her to Re-education through Labor (RTL) if she continued to assist fellow petitioners, and added that her children would be “unable to find work” if she did not abandon her activism. While detained, Zhu was interrogated on three occasions, while handcuffed, about her rights-defense activities, including assisting fellow petitioners and Shanghai lawyer Zheng Enchong (郑恩宠), who lost his license and is under house arrest after serving jail time for defending his clients’ rights. (CHRD)[xx]

Beijing Activist Lu Anjun Placed under House Arrest

Beginning the evening of October 17, police in Beijing have once again surrounded the home of activist Liu Anjun (刘安军), placing him under tight surveillance. Liu has been unable to leave his home since that evening, and has reported that there are a total of five unidentified individuals outside the door of his apartment and in the hallways of his building. Liu has been active in assisting victims of forced eviction and petitioners, and exposing “black jails” in Beijing. The reasons for the current restrictions on Liu’s liberty are unknown. (CHRD)[xxi]

Three Briefly Detained for Vaccine Protests in Shanxi

Police briefly detained two family members of children who suffered complications from vaccinations on October 16, along with a friend who had accompanied them to document their protest. Wang Mingliang (王明亮), whose two-month-old son died following a vaccine in 2008, and Yi Wenlong (易文龙), whose fifteen-year-old daughter developed epilepsy after receiving a vaccination, were banging a drum outside of the Taiyuan Intermediate People’s Court as part of a protest demanding court officials hear their case when police emerged and seized them along with a photographer. The three were released after they signed a document guaranteeing they would stop protesting; Wang and Yi report that courts in their local district, Yingze, refuse to accept their lawsuits. (CHRD)[xxii]

Citizens’ Actions

Black Jail Victims Protest in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate Ignores Appeals

Beginning October 21, a group of more than 40 Zhejiang petitioners and activists who had been detained in black jails during the recent 60th anniversary celebrations gathered to present appeals for justice to the Zhejiang Supreme People’s Procuratorate in Hangzhou. For three consecutive days, officials at the Procuratorate have not only refused to acknowledge their complaints, they have dispatched police officers to monitor the group’s protests and activities. The participants, some of whom were detained for as long as one month without any legal basis, presented a litany of complaints beyond arbitrary detention: some had personal property confiscated, and others were beaten or abused while detained. (CHRD)[xxiii]

Access to Justice

Beijing Court Refuses to Accept Hepatitis B Lawsuit, Lawyer Li Fangping Briefly Detained by Court Officials

As the central government takes steps to address the continued practice of discrimination against Hepatitis B carriers by announcing the cancellation of mandatory Hepatitis B testing for employment and school enrollment (more information here), a court in Beijing today refused to accept a lawsuit brought by a Beijing student who was denied entrance to a university after a physical examination found that the student carried the virus. According to Beijing lawyer Li Fangping (李方平), who is handling the case, the student is accusing the China Art Academy of discrimination, as the student tested into the university but was not allowed to enroll because of the medical condition. When lawyer Li and the student attempted to file a complaint with the Chaoyang District People’s Court Letters and Visits Office, an argument broke out between the two and court officials, and Li was held in the courthouse for two hours to “talk” with officials. (CHRD)[xxiv]

Persecution of Petitioners

Hubei Petitioner Recounts Years of Abuse at Hands of Officials

CHRD recently interviewed Zhang Shanjiao (张善姣), a 73-year old petitioner formerly from Shangjin Town, Yunxi County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Zhang, who has been petitioning for years because her husband, a veteran and former employee of the Yunxi County hospital employee, has been denied proper benefits following his retirement in 1988, recounted a long list of abuses she has suffered as a result of her petitioning, and the concerted efforts by local officials to retaliate against her. According to Zhang, she has been detained in black jails on a number of occasions, as recently as February 2008, beaten and mistreated while detained, and local officials have retaliated against not only her but her children as well. Under pressure from local officials, including the former county Party secretary, Zhang is currently unable to return to her home and is forced to live as a vagrant. (CHRD)[xxv]

Right to Return to One’s Own Country

Former Professor Jia Jia, UN Refugee, Detained upon Return to China

Jia Jia (贾甲), a PRC resident who has lived in political asylum outside of the country since 2006, was detained by border police at Beijing’s International Airport today when he attempted to return to China. His current whereabouts are unknown. A former university professor and general secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Science and Technology Experts, Mr. Jia sought political asylum in Taiwan in 2006, and after obtaining UN refugee status in 2007 he moved to New Zealand in June 2008. According to the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, all refugees have the right to return to their country, and it is the obligation of all States to accept the return of their nationals. (CHRD)[xxvi]

Freedom of Religion

Xi’an Muslims Protest over Forced Demolition without Regard for Religious Activities

Members of the Hui Muslim minority group living in a Xi’an neighborhood scheduled for forced demolition have been protesting at the Xi’an Municipal Minority Affairs Committee and other local government offices over a number of issues related to their relocation, including questions of where they will be able to attend religious services. Members of the Hui community are concerned that their community mosque will be demolished along with the surrounding homes, and that the area in which they are slated to be resettled will not be located near a mosque, which practicing Muslims visit five times a day for prayer services. Of the over 500 households which will be demolished around Xi’an’s Youyi Market, close to 300 are members of the Hui minority group. (CHRD)[xxvii]

Editors: David Smalls and Lin Sang

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