China news round-up: Court to rule on Bo Xilai’s appeal, Beijing plans discounted ‘self-use’ homes

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Originally published by SCMP on October 25, 2013

Policemen erect a barricade outside the Shandong High Court building in Jinan, Shandong province, on Thursday in preparation for the ruling on Bo Xilai. Photo: AFP

Wall Street Journal
Beijing’s new housing program will supply 20,000 “self-use” homes meant for the owner to live in, rather than to hold as an investment by the end of the year, another 50,000 next year.
China Human Rights Defenders
List of the more than 60 individuals who have allegedly engaged in politically sensitive activism and are known to have been detained this year since March.
China Post (Taiwan)
Taiwan’s military has reinstated an anti-Chinese intelligence workforce after a 12-year hiatus.
Phoenix TV via Southern Metropolis Daily*
It is “impossible” that Bo Xilai’s appeal today will succeed, accoring to Hong Daode, a law scholar at the China Univeristy of Political Science and Law.

New Express*
The newspaper‘s publishing house issued a statement on Thursday calling for detained journalist Chen Yongzhou’s release.
New York Times – Sinosphere
An elderly Beijing woman would prefer that government revenue go to domestic needs, not to North Korea.
Radio Free Asia
Three Tibetans in Sichuan province have been jailed after being accused of preventing police from stopping a Tibetan from burning to death in protest against Chinese rule.
The Guardian
How London’s Chinatown is striking back at immigration “fishing” raids.

Financial Times
Foxconn cuts number of student interns.
Walmart China will add 110 stores in smaller cities and shutter as many as 30 underperforming outlets.
China Securities Daily*
The first land deal in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone was completed at a much higher than expected price.
The stock price of Chinese mobile-security service provider NQ Mobile sank the most on record after Muddy Waters called the company a “massive fraud”.

Foreign affairs
Wall Street Journal – China Real Time Report
China has resumed importing Iranian fuel oil after a three-month break.
Asahi Shimbun
Japan’s Foreign Ministry posts videos to shore up claim to disputed islands. (Youtube)
Jamestown Foundation China Brief
The PLA Navy’s is relying more on foreign ports where its ships can moor temporarily for maintenance.
The Hindu
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech on India-China relations at the Central Party School.

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