Submissions for 3rd Universal Periodic Review of China – October 2018

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Collection of Civil Society Reports from CHRD & China-Based NGOs

Submitted to the UN for Consideration

during the 3nd Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the

People’s Republic of China



(Download full report as PDF)


List of Contributing Organizations                                                                                       

List of Abbreviations & Acronyms                                                                                           

Executive Summary                                                                                                               



Chapter 1: Cooperation with UN Human Rights Bodies

By Network of Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD)

1.1  Acceding to Core UN Human Rights Instruments                                                             

1.2 National Human Rights Institution & National Human Rights Action Plans                    

1.3 Engagement with Special Procedures & Treaty Bodies                                                     


Chapter 2: Civil & Political Rights

2.1 Political Participation                                                                                                      

        By Civil Society Monitor on Basic-Level Elections and CHRD

2.2 Death Penalty (last updated 2016)

        By CHRD

2.3   Enforced Disappearances                                                                                                 

2.4   Torture & Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment                    

2.5   Freedom of Expression & Internet Use                                                                            

2.6   Freedom of Peaceful Assembly & Association                                                                 

2.7   Human Rights Defenders: Persecution & Reprisals                                                         

        By CHRD and Rights Defense Network

2.8   Freedom of Religion (last updated 2016)

        By CHRD

2.9   Administrative Detention: Involuntary Commitment to Psychiatric Institutions            

        By Social-Economic Rights Watch

2.10 Independence of Lawyers & Access to Justice                                                                  

        By Independent Association of Human Rights Lawyers in China


Chapter 3: Economic & Social Rights

3.1  Women’s Rights                                                                                                               

       By Women’s Rights Monitor, Anti-Discrimination Legal Aid Group, and CHRD

3.2  Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity                                      

        By Rainbow Project

3.3  Discrimination Against Rural Residents                                                                           

        By Law and Accountability Project and Legal Rights Education Initiative

3.4  Rights of the Child

      By Children’s Rights Project, Labor Education Initiative, and CHRD

3.5  Disability Rights (last updated 2016)

      By CHRD

Chapter 4: Human Rights Education

        By Initiative to Advance Human Rights Education in China                                                 



Annex 1: Guide to the Accompanying Table

Annex 2: Table: Assessing China’s Implementation of 2nd UPR Recommendations

Annex 3: Updates on 31 Cases of Arbitrary Detention Based on WGAD Opinions (2009-2018)

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