Li Dongmei (李冬梅) & Jiang Liuyong (姜流勇)

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Li Dongmei (李冬梅) & Jiang Liuyong (姜流勇)

Jiang Liuyong 姜流勇 & Li Dongmei 李冬梅


Li Dongmei李冬梅   Jiang Liuyong 姜流勇

Crime: Creating a disturbance

Length of Punishment: N/A

Court: N/A

Trial Date: N/A

Sentencing Date: N/A

Dates of Detention/Arrest: September 30, 2014 (detained); November 6, 2014 (arrested); May 30, 2015 (released on bail)

Place of Incarceration: Fengtai District Detention Center (Beijing Municipality)


Police summoned and later detained Beijing-based activists Li Dongmei and her husband, Jiang Liuyong (姜流勇), the day after they showed support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong that broke out in late September 2014. They were among a group of 20 housing rights and human rights activists who met at a restaurant on September 29, when they took photos holding up a sign that read “Beijing Families of Forced Eviction Support Hong Kong,” which were then posted online. Authorities repeatedly denied lawyers’ visits to the two, and refused to let supporters donate money into their accounts at the detention center to improve their living conditions. Reportedly, Li Dongmei staged a hunger strike in protest against her mistreatment, while Jiang Liuyong’s health has deteriorated. They were eventually released on “bail pending further investigation” on May 30, 2015 along with three fellow activists detained for attending the same event.

Li Dongmei, born in 1972, and Jiang Liuyong, born in 1973, began advocating for housing rights in 2012, when their ancestral home in Shiliu Village in Fengtai District was forcefully demolished. Li was beaten unconscious when she attempted to stop her house’s destruction. The couple continued to defend their rights through legal recourse and even succeeded in winning their case in court. The judge ruled demolition of their house illegal and ordered the village leader to be detained for “intentional damage of property,” but police did not make any arrest.

In addition to seeking legal remedies, Li and Jiang became involved in helping others with their grievances. They participated in protests and demanded the release of detained human rights defenders, and joined activist Han Ying (韩颖) in running a charity organization. When housing rights activist Jia Lingmin (贾灵敏) was detained in mid-2014, Li Dongmei initiated gatherings to continue Jia’s efforts in promoting and educating people about the law. Authorities, on the other hand, also continued to retaliate against Li and Jiang for their efforts in seeking justice. They are frequently beaten and evicted from rented homes.

Further Information

“Individuals Detained in Mainland China for Supporting Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests,” October 19, 2014, CHRD

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