Zhang Baocheng (张宝成)

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Zhang Baocheng (张宝成)

Zhang Baocheng Ÿ 张宝成


Zhang Baocheng

Crime: Gathering a crowd to disrupt order of a public place

Length of Punishment: Two years

Court: Haidian District People’s Court (Beijing Municipality)

Trial Date: April 8, 2014

Sentencing Date: April 18, 2014

Dates of Detention/Arrest: March 31, 2013 (detained); May 7, 2013 (arrested); March 30, 2015 (released)

Place of Incarceration: Beijing No. 3 Detention Center

Defence Statement: First-Instance Trial (Chinese)

Verdict: Beijing Municipal Haidian District People’s Court Criminal Verdict (Chinese)


Zhang Baocheng was seized with three other Beijing-based activists, Ma Xinli (马新利), Yuan Dong (袁冬), and Hou Xin (侯欣), in March 2013 after holding a demonstration in Beijing’s Xidan shopping district where they unfurled a banner calling on officials to publically disclose their assets. Several months prior, Zhang along with others began to move the anti-corruption campaign from the Internet to the streets of Beijing. They were part of the New Citizens Movement, a loose network of activists demanding social justice and legal reforms. Police formally arrested Zhang on charges of “unlawful assembly,” but later indicted him with a different crime.

Born in 1959, Zhang Baocheng was previously a businessman and has taken part in rights advocacy activities since 2006. Beginning in 2009, Zhang has devoted himself to promoting democracy and rule of law. He has been detained several times, lived under police surveillance, and harassed frequently by local authorities for his rights work.

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